notes of dried flower, dark chocolate & honey

Keto Coffee

espresso with MCT oil & grass-fed butter


19g dose espresso with frothed milk


espresso and steamed milk 
organic flavors made in- house: vanilla, sugar-free vanilla bean sweetened with monk fruit, masala
we serve fresh dairy from Royal Riverside Farm and offer a hazelnut-coconut-cashew milk alternative at no additional charge.

Coconut-Caramel Latte

our caramel sauce is made with coconut cream and organic sugar. 

Bee Latte

features Pacific Northwest blackberry honey & bee pollen 


made in-house with organic ingredients

White Mocha

made in-house with organic ingredients

Bowl of Soul

made with organic cacao, turmeric & cayenne

Pour Over

various specialty grade coffees made to order 

Cold Brew

immersion brewed 

Iced Coffee

flash brewed on chemex